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mob training guide

Post  d3xlessnin on Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:00 am

This is not absolute, this is only general.

01-10 | You can just do the qusts assinged to you... Or kill snails...

10-15 | Stumps in perion!

15-20 | This is a bit specialist... If your damage is good as is accuracy, green mushrooms!-
If this doesn't satisfy your thirst for blood, then try pig beach.

20-27 | If you have the option of win/win Ariant PQ, do that, if not, To wild boars with-

27-35 | Tackle 'Fire Boars'! - I would rather reccomend Teddies, but it's a TADmore-

35-45 | Tick Tocks in Ludibrium! Or maybe you prefer Block Gollems. Pick whichever you
handle best

45-55 | Truckers! (Or STD's... not highly reccomended though)

55-70 | FoG, Gollem Dungeon, Mp3, And any Ghost Ship Map (Excluding GS1)

70-80 | Again, depending on your characters abilities... Pirates Den, in Herb Town, or-
Ghost Pirates in Ludibrium

80-100 | Would recommend Wolf Spiders or Dual Ghost pirates. (maybe Viks at 88 if you-
Can handle that)

100-115 | Squids / Gigs / Grims...

115 + | Skele's... Jr Newties... Grims...



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