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Hp Washing

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What is HP Washing?
HP Washing is when a character loses MP and gains HP. You need to spend a lot of real life money on AP Resets from the Cash Shop in order to HP Wash. MP Washing is the opposite of HP Washing.

Whats the point?
To gain more HP so you can survive boss monsters such as Zakum ,Anego ect attacks that deals more than 3000 damage!

How to Wash
If you have the minumum MP to HP Wash, go for it. If not, keep stockpiling your “extra MP” until you have enough to wash once again. So, once you level up, you are given 5 AP. Below are the step by step guide:

Step 1: Calculate your minimum MP
Say your are a Level 200 Thief with 4000 MP
Use 1 of the formula below to calculate minimum MP that you can channel to HP:
Min MP Formula for Sperman class = 4 X level + 156
Min MP Formula for Fighter class = 4 x level +56
Min MP Formula for Bow/Crossbow job = level x 14 + 148
Min MP Formula for before 2nd job Thieves = level x 14 – 4
Min MP Formula for after 2nd job Thieves = level x 14 + 148
The thief minimum MP that he can’t remove is (200 x 14 + 148) = 2948
So, this thief could place at least (4000 MP – 2948 MP = 1052 MP) into his/her HP!
( forumula from ayumilove)

Step 2: Using AP Reset Cards (NX Cash)
1. Put 1 AP into HP (1 at a time, not all 5 into HP)
2. Use AP Reset to reduce 1 point from MP.
3. Add that 1 point into your Hit Points
4. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until all your AP have been used.

What is the maximum hp that I can have?
MapleStory cap all jobs HP and MP at 30,000 HP and 30,000 MP. (with/without hyperbody)

How much do you gain/lose?
For every point you put into HP, you gain 20 HP and for every point you take out of MP, you lose 12 MP. On average, at level 120~ people can wash around 13 times. That means, that for the price of 13 AP Resets you gain around 240 HP and lose 156 MP.

Reasons to HP Wash for Archers & Sins
3600 HP – You can solo Pianus safely.
3700 HP – Able to safely take a hit from Skelegons
3700 HP – Able to take 2 hits in a row without dying at Himes / Dreamy Ghost / Monglong / Mong
4100 HP – Able to tank Papulatus’ bombs, enabling solos, or being part of HB-less parties at all bosses.

It’s best not to reset too much Mp into Hp because it would be a waste of real money if you party with spearman to gain Hyperbody, that increases your Max Mp and HP by +60%.



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